thenJesus Testimonials

My word is “depressed.” I didn’t realize that what I was suffering from was depression until I was an adult, married, and with one child. It affected my whole life from my marriage, career, decision making, self-worth, and time management. Even my friendships were difficult, as I always felt I gave more of myself than others. Whether any of my insecure thoughts were true or not, it unnecessarily caused many battles in my mind. Through prayer, worship, and submission to Christ, I was humbled by His love and I experienced breakthrough! Some days are still difficult, but I trust God to have His will done in my life. His mercy and grace are more than enough and I praise Him for what He’s done in me!
Cynthia R.

My word is ‘Tired’, I chose ‘Tired’ because there are days, even weeks where I feel rundown and spent from everyday life. Raising a family with 4 kids, working a demanding job and just the everyday trials can sometimes weigh on myself. ‘Tired’ is a reminder as stated in Isaiah 40:31 that I do not have to rely on my own strength nor do difficult times all have to be an extreme burden.God asks of Us to Hope in Him, then He can renew our Strength and not only provide perspective and relief but we can soar to new heights despite our troubles and woes. When I am ‘Tired’, I can be renewed in Jesus!
Tired…. thenJesus
Adam S.